fundraising - not available until fall

We can help you meet your goals! Pretzel Style!

Raise money for your school/class trip/band/sports with Penguin Pretzels!

We always wanted Penguin Pretzels to be more than just about our family and our business - giving back is so important to us. We want to help make a difference in the world.

We know that can start with just One person. One student. One School. One church. One team. One band. One goal.  We can do this - TOGETHER!

Simple Secure Online Ordering for your students and their friends and family!

Delicious, fresh, no preservatives added, specialty soft pretzels that you just can’t get anywhere else – for your family and friends to indulge and enjoy! 

Let’s begin today and make that financial goal happen!  Contact us at or call us at 727-264-4017 to set up an appointment!

Some of the choices for your fundraiser!